Pirie's Fine Gifts

Orders or requests for information may be sent by email to phpirie@sympatico.ca.  Or call us at 905 332-9801 (Burlington, Ontario, Canada).
We accept major credit cards via PayPal. See below for a guide to using PayPal.
At your request we will email you with our quote for shipping and, if applicable, taxes. We also accept money orders, bank transfers, or cheques (may be held until cleared).

 Certain items are shown as Import (I) items (e.g. Royal Crown Derby) for which a 25% deposit is required for each order because of the time lag before we receive such items from the producer.

PayPal credit cards

     l. For most figurines mailed to:
         (a) Ontario                                $10.00 for first item
         (b) Canada outside Ontario     $15.00 for first item
         (c) Continental USA                 $16.00 US for first item
         (d) Other destinations              Please email for the amount

     2. For large figurines (over 6 inches in height), dinnerware and other items, and
              for more than one item in an order, please email for the amount.



Prices are subject to change without notice.
US prices shown are subject to currency exchange rate fluctuations. Click on XE.com or Bloomberg. com for exchange rates.

Please do not send us any credit card details by email as this is not secure. Only provide such information using the secure PayPal interface.


1. If you do not have an account with PayPal you may open up one by accessing its secure website at www.paypal.com. There is no fee for opening an account or for a purchaser using PayPal's services. We pay all PayPal fees as a verified seller.
Complete PayPal's form which asks for your email address, bank account number, credit card information, and your mailing address.
After PayPal confirms your account (which takes from 3 to 5 days), you will be able to proceed with making a  payment. You will need to provide a password in order to log in. PayPal normally places a limit on your first payment transaction

2. Access your account and click on Send Money. A form is shown that requires the necessary information to make a  payment and have the item(s) delivered to your address.
Payment to be made to Paul H.Pirie  .  (Owner of Pirie's Fine Gifts).
Information required includes the amount of the transaction, credit card or other means of payment e.g. eCheck, the item(s) being purchased, and the shipping address.  Please be assured that PayPal does not provide your credit card or bank information to us or anyone else. For more information about the security of your information, please refer to PayPal's Privacy Policy at https://paypal.com/privacy.
Shipping Address is where you wish the parcel to be sent.
After the information is filled in, please submit to PayPal.

3. PayPal processes your request very quickly and emails us to advise of the payment amount, means of paying, item(s) being purchased, and shipping address. PayPal also advises us if the means of payment, e.g. eCheck, requires clearance and the estimated time taken for it to clear. After receipt of PayPal's notice, we mail the package containing the purchased item(s) to your shipping address.

NOTE: If you're a new  user or unfamiliar with PayPal, upon request we will fill out an Invoice form for PayPal to email to you, and they will also provide detailed instructions on how to proceed with your payment.



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